Monday, February 15, 2010

My Dog Is Pooping Blood And Throwing Up Blood My Dog Is Up To Her Shots. I Got Them All In Sept. Now Pooping Blood?

My dog is up to her shots. I got them all in Sept. Now pooping blood? - my dog is pooping blood and throwing up blood

Ok, so this week has dierrhea my dog in my house. I do not think anything about it. The last three nights has been waking at 3 clock to go and stuff. Last night he threw up. I Do not feed her wet dog food is not expired. As it is now and today I went out to inspect the back. All his poop is diarrhea, but I saw that shit .... I think he got blood on himself. It is the inclusion of dry food for dogs, as we speak now. It will also, if you have any vaccines. I take her to your veterinarian as soon as I ask someone for money! In the burst .... It is lab.terrier mixture of 3 years. Has anyone else had this problem before


Cravin said...

Put it in ASAP and worry about the money later

sebs112 said...

Blood in the stool could mean something big, but perhaps could also occur because of the efforts of the diarrhea. This happened with my dog when she was 3 months old.

I called the vet for blood (only) a few drops pair and they told me to do, if it even worse. The bloody stools, diarrhea after his disappearance was under control.

Anyway, take him to a vet as soon as possible.

Beth K said...

Bloody diarrhea is never good. The dog needs to see a veterinarian immediately, especially since this is done for some time.

Vaccines are not infallible, nor to protect dogs colitis, intestinal obstruction, etc.

shaz said...

If a dog shows signs of disease after the injection, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. If you can not afford to bring your dog to the vet, then you should not have a dog.

misskitt... said...

I'm not going to anything that could go wrong b cuz most already have a good set of potentially serious problems. I refuse to let u know ur just 2 reply 2 u vet to ask whether a timetable for the payments can be for 2 financial burden. I've always had good relations with my ex-combatants and often the entire account at once. When the vet agreed in the Uruguay Round to make 2 Pay on Time 2, to maintain good relations. This will ensure that the next time something is wrong, there are 2 B UR's veterinary assistance. But do not wait cuz it could mean more complications and / or 4 small UR dead. Good luck.

Red Pony said...

Unfortunately, this could be a dozen different things. No, the blood in the stool is never good, but I have a Chihuahua puppy that has started to diarrhea with blood almost as fast as we've returned to the rescue. At first it was regarded by all as the stress of a long drive, then a change of diet and environment, etc., led to 3 vets, all attempts to have a lot of money, and if that shit 10 times over a period of 24 hours, and it seemed as if the blood was almost pure, which had taken, and went to the vet the last hope for a miracle. What is "cured" of their diet was a spoonful of cooked chicken and rice every two hours for 2 days, the gradual increase in the amount and extending the time between meals. The veterinarian will prescribe Flagyl for diarrhea and even if all tests are negative, there was also a broad-spectrum antibiotic for the case. Within 24 hours. "It was no more blood and cause diarrhea. We stopped the diet for a week in the gradual transition to a good quality brand dog food wellness. Today, she has not had a relapsethe problem. The vet said that often, when the intestines are inflamed, it's a vicious cycle, car, and you have the process over very, very small amounts of food can heal as the intestine to stop. In some cases, the intestinal mucosa has been announced in Slough is really a very bloody mess, but it seems to extend the food. Anyway, I know it's a long story, but what happened to us. You must continue to get to a vet, seriously because it could be something more, and perhaps a parent or ask the vet for a payment plan. The end result is that, even if there anything that can be cured is realtively easy, you can not continue your dog with vomiting and diarrhea for longer. The symptoms that ultimately lead to dehydration which can cause many problems including death. Hopefully everything works for you.

Bngfan said...

No vaccine is 100% guaranteed, so it is possible that your dog for something that has already been vaccinated (parvovirus IE)

Do only the number of vomiting last night? If so, can potentially related to the problem of diarrhea.

Blood in the stool can have a variety of different causes. Toxins, stress, colitis, gastro-intestinal diseases, internal parasites (worms), poisons / eating something he could not perform any difficulty (crap), try something) to be (eg, bone fragments, etc.

* Some would like parvo weaker if the scale is currently on their shots and have no contact with other dogs with the States vaccine against the unknown, not to visit areas frequented by dogs vaccination history with other strangers, etc. *

The only way to know with certainty what the problem is to get to a vet. He wants to perform a new stool sample (as a rule of no more than an hour before) to control internal parasites. Sometimes, however, the chairMay-sample contains only eggs (the profile) only under the microscope, since each worm eggs thrown at different intervals / stages. However, if your dog is so friendly, a blood sample, before placing a bid, so we better. Although you may not be a new trial before the visit, so be sure to take a test at all so the vet the texture and color can be seen.

Long and short is, you should happen to your dog by a veterinarian and an examination of stool samples for internal parasites as soon as possible. Small breed dogs, puppies and young dogs with diarrhea can dehydrate very quickly. Make sure it is safe to drink and eat.

Good luck! :)

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